Florida flowers: The unique Crossandra/Florida Sunset

From my friend Joann in Orlando. Wonderful blog!

Midnight Harmony

I saw these crossandra flowers several weeks ago in a park near where I live. The bright orange color caught my eye. I took some photos but thought that perhaps the blossoms were in the process of dying.

JoAnn Ryan โ€“ Orlando, FL

I went back a few days ago and it had the same wilty-looking petals. I realized this was just the normal composition of the flower. It had just rained and the sky was still overcast when I took these photos. I think that explains the difference in color. The second two photos were from that previous visit. It was sunny that day and close to evening.

JoAnn Ryan โ€“ Orlando, FL

This deep orange variety of crossandra is called โ€œFlorida Sunsetโ€ or sometimes โ€œOrange Marmalade.โ€ The common names are usually so much better. The crossandra flower is native to India and Sri Lanka.

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