Deltona Garden Club 🌸 District VI

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Deep South Region of Gardens Clubs

Mission Statement

To further the education of members and the public in the fields of horticulture and landscape design; to support environmental and sustainable conservation practices; and to promote an interest in floral design art, nature studies and civic beautification.

  • Florida’s 3 Growing Seasons
    Spring Florida can be broken into three growing regions: North, Central, & South. Each has a slightly different climate (mainly depending possibility of freezing temperatures). January-May The spring growing season is the time of year to finish the last … Continue reading “Florida’s 3 Growing Seasons”
  • Pruning a Hedge Heavily Without Causing Damage
    By Jennifer Poindexter Do you have a shrub that needs a hard prune? Are you worried about causing damage to the hedge in the process of trying to … Pruning a Hedge Heavily Without Causing Damage
  • 17 Top Bulbs for Fall Planting – for Blooms Next Spring
    By Jennifer Poindexter When you’re looking for ideas to brighten up your landscape, planting bulbs is a great option. There’s nothing like natural … 17 Top Bulbs for Fall Planting – for Blooms Next Spring
  • Keep Your Garden Neat And Tidy
    ~ A well-manicured garden is a source of pride for any homeowner. It can be a beautiful addition to your property and can boost your home’s curb … Keep Your Garden Neat And Tidy
  • National Pollinator Week
    Pollination Fast Facts: Gardeners What is pollination?• Pollination occurs when pollen grains are moved between two flowers of the same species, or within a single flower, by wind or animals that are pollinators. Successful pollination, which may require visits … Continue reading “National Pollinator Week”
  • Native Plants
    The Benefits of Native Plants and Flowers Native vegetation evolved to live with the local climate, soil types, and animals. This long process brings us several gardening advantages. Native plants provide multiple benefits to people and wildlife, while contributing … Continue reading “Native Plants”

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