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  • DIY Plant Markers
    Recycle ♻️ Reuse ♻️ Repurpose Any old used mini blinds will work for this project. No need to wash blinds if a little dirty. I however used a garden hose outdoors and sprayed the ones I’m cutting to demonstrate! First thing to do is to cut each end where strings connect top and bottom. The … Continue reading “DIY Plant Markers”
  • Red Crinum
    From the Greek the name Crinum simply means “Lily.” By all the looks and feel Crinum plants have all the characteristics of a lily. Origin: South Africa Family: Amaryllidaceae Botanical Name: Crinum Common Name: None sometimes called “spider lily” Plant Type: perennial plant and sun-loving bulb Size: 24″ inches to 6′ feet tall and wide … Continue reading “Red Crinum”
  • Heat-Loving Fruit Trees
    When planning your USDA zone 9b garden, begin with the trees that love mild winters and hot summers. The time to plant trees is now 🌳 Consider your garden’s “microclimates”, whether warmer or colder than the average within your hardiness zone, sun exposure, space available and soil type. Always check the recommended hardiness zone for … Continue reading “Heat-Loving Fruit Trees”
  • Wolf or Recluse?
    Now that fall is upon us, spiders and other critters are tying up loose ends! The animal kingdom knows winter is not far off and lots of other mammals, insects and birds are also preparing. Did you know all spiders are poisonous? It’s only a few that actually can inflict harm. The venom of the … Continue reading “Wolf or Recluse?”
  • Curb Appeal Ideas

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