Little Downy

I miss the tiny little Downy Woodpecker.
Unfortunately the tree where the little one called home, no longer exists.


Cutting down dead trees, can sometimes destroy a living habit. Unsightly? Yes.

I recently had the top half of a twisted oak tree cut and left the tall trunk for woodpeckers.  It sits in the very back hidden. There looks to be hundreds of poke holes all over the dead tree trunk.
I had attracted the king of woodpeckers to that tree a few weeks ago. You guessed it. The red headed Piliated Wood Woodpecker!  Ripped off a good portion of tree bark at the top of pine. Simply a beautiful bird.

Reminising about my little Downy I thought I’d share my past houseguest with you.

Adobe Spark Page close up of the
Downy Woodpecker


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