Bottle Gardening

You don’t always need the dirt! Aquaponics intro on a small scale!

I love this idea and it’s been working out well for my personal experiment.

Cut bottle carefully at top. Turn upside down

Water bottles, soda bottles – cut and inverted!

At the moment I am using spring water in small water bottles. It has rained and I’m hoping this added some nitrogen to the water.

Mostly I wanted to try this method with lettuce. The thought of having fresh lettuce available whenever I wanted a salad, was intriguing.


I’ve added some spearmint and oregano stems to other bottles.

The spearmint is kept in a hanging pot so I can move away from sun as the sun shifts.

Before my favorite shade tree got its leaves back, the mint got hit with a day of sunshine. I am trying to save it so I took some stems to see if it will root. I’m not exactly confident this approach will work. Soil in the bottles might be best. So far, the mint didn’t die or dry in the water.

Herbs are more shade loving plants throughout the summer. Oregano, basil and rosemary are my “must have” herbs. I can’t remember when a time when I didn’t have these herbs outdoors.

Italian cooking demands fresh ingredients just like the Great Nona’s know best! Oregano grows without much help, other than breaking off a fist full for sauce, which actually prunes it too!!


Rosemary. Ah Rosemary. The most aromatic herb my life and patio just can’t live without. Roast pork anyone? I can smell it roasting for hours in my dreams!!! Brush up against it and the scent fills the air. Place it where animals may also brush by it. Bugs, like fleas, hate rosemary!

Give this easy grower plenty of room. It demands attention and it’s own space to branch out like a tree if you let it.

I would not say Rosemary is a fast grower so start small and repot as needed. I give it 3 times more space in a pot because it will fill in eventually.

It’s that time of year when the ground is warming. Dogs and cats start scratching after they’ve gone outdoors? Besides fleas, Florida has chigger type nuisance bugs you can’t see.

Break off a long twig of rosemary and secure it to the inside of your pets collar! Take the sprigs and rub the plant all over your pet. This is a natural way to relieve itching temporarily. Also works with lavender. In the summertime, I make my own itch relieving spray!!

Put water in a spray bottle along with sprigs of lavender and rosemary. Put in fridge and use to soothe!

Do you have your own herbal remedies?

Stayed tuned for additions to this thread!

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