Grow Witch Hazel?

Growing zone is 3-8 but perhaps some experienced gardeners in Florida can try to grow!


In addition to the common witch hazel, also called American witch hazel, that this article focuses on (Hamamelis virginiana), the witch hazel plant takes other forms that gardeners may choose to plant instead. 

  • Chinese witch hazel (Hamamelis mollis): When bred with Japanese witch hazel, Chinese witch hazel is responsible for the many hybrid varieties (Hamamelis x intermedia) that make up the kaleidoscopic spectrum of foliage and flower colors available as well as the range of heights on the market.
  • Japanese witch hazel (Hamamelis japonica): Crossed with Chinese witch hazel, Japanese witch hazel creates the witch hazel hybrids (Hamamelis x intermedia) that offer so many different heights and visual options to gardeners.
  • Ozark witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis): This variety of witch hazel blooms in February, as opposed to the autumn-blooming common witch hazel. It is native to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Missouri. Although the blossoms of Ozark witch hazel are smaller than its relatives, they are known for their intense fragrance. Notable cultivars include “Autumn Embers” for its coppery red blooms and “Purple Ribbons” with its thin strips of purple petals.


Like most native plants, common witch hazel isn’t especially picky when it comes to where it should be planted. You can situated a witch hazel tree in most types of soil, from slightly acidic to neutral, as long as the ground offers enough drainage to prevent the roots from staying too wet. For best results, plant witch hazel where soil is rich and deep. witch hazel trees grow best in full sun or full shade, although they will grow well in sun at three-quarters strength as well. At least a touch of shade to protect trees from the heat of the afternoon is appreciated.

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