Red Crinum

From the Greek the name Crinum simply means “Lily.”

By all the looks and feel Crinum plants have all the characteristics of a lily.

Red Crinum Lily
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Botanical Name: Crinum
  • Common Name: None sometimes called “spider lily”
  • Plant Type: perennial plant and sun-loving bulb
  • Size: 24″ inches to 6′ feet tall and wide
  • Flowers: large fragrant flowers in white to pink to wine-red
  • Bloom Time: late spring and summer
  • Hardiness: USDA hardiness zone 6b – 11 depending on the variety
  • Exposure: Sun-loving plants
  • Soil: rich, moist soil
  • Water: drought tolerant but do better well watered
  • Fertilizer: balanced liquid fertilizer during growing season
  • Propagation: division of side shoots
  • Pests & Problems: grasshoppers and aphids

Crinum lily bulbs… they’re exotic, related to the Amaryllis plant, with exciting “bell-shaped” fragrant flowers, that come with a lovely sweet scent.

The seed bulbs need to be placed in a pot or directly into the ground. Very hard to save bulb if not planted!! They do not keep and will dry out otherwise.

The Pink flower bloom. When you see this, keep an eye out for the seeds (bulb) that form after.
Red Crinum Lily Bulbs
This is after the bulbs fall off or in this case, I broke off to plant!!
White Crinum Lily
White flower and their seed bulbs are Green

The White Crinum is also in the same family! They differ in leaf and flower color. The blooms are white while the Red Crinum are pink.

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