Bumper Crop

This year I used only Non GMO seeds.

The tomatoes have been amazing producers. The trunks are 3″ around and very sturdy. The difference is remarkable.

I had to buy a trellis to hold up the heavier tomatoes. I used “knee high” stockings to tie up branches. The nylon is forgiving and will stretch during growth with no damage to branch.

The trellis made longways.

My mother taught me to use a nylon stocking to put the tomato in while growing so bugs can’t destroy the fruit. I haven’t had to do that but it’s also a useful recycling tip for those old stockings!

The garden has exploded and the heat is definitely on. I placed my plants in semi shade to get through the hottest summer weather. It only took 30 years to figure this out!

I watched the movement of the sunrise and sunset as it changes and placed plants accordingly. Brilliant idea!!!

About 4 lbs of tomatoes -so far! ❤️

I’ve eaten as many salads as I can with tomatoes but I just can’t keep up!! So freezing for spaghetti sauce which I look forward to soon!!

The trick to a longer growing season is from ground zero up. Keeping the base of the plants in shade is the key. The height reaches the sun where it’s most needed! Also a sheet of weed barrier helps hold moisture.

It’s so hot. “How hot is it”? It’s so hot that I hope the garden survives without me.

My husband informed me it was 100 degrees today.

Here is a little update of what the rest of the yard looks like. The pond still needs work but the Koi aren’t picky how it looks!

Very much over growing.


Celery 2 yrs old. Good producers from seed.

Ah the Jalepeno! If you plant it, it will grow- like crazy.

The Koi Pond by my husband.

Desert Rose


See ya soon – AJ the great white lizard hunter ❤️

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